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About Zach Posner

Zach Posner is a screenwriter, comedy writer, copywriter and Emmy-winning sports producer. He’s also an amateur website builder who's way too proud of this site.


As a screenwriter he’s written for “The Simpsons,” Illumination Entertainment and “Clash-A-Rama.” 


In sports he’s written and produced for the “ESPY Awards,” Snoop Dogg’s NFL highlights show on Peacock and for the NFL Network where he’s worked for over a decade. Most recently, he was show-runner and executive producer for the comedic highlights show “NFL Follies” on YouTube. 


He also recently had two essays published in the book,The Occasionally Accurate Annals of Football, written by famed-sportscaster Dan Patrick.


As a copywriter he’s done in-house marketing and branded work for Netflix, NFL, BuzzFeed and many other companies. 


He currently has two feature films and a game show in development.


When he’s not writing or playing with his kids he can be found torturing himself watching the Jets, Mets, and Nets. 


Zach is represented by Eric Borja at Writ Large Entertainment: and can also be reached at


Thanks for stopping by! 

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